Aerial Photography Platforms

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Each aerial photography platform offers its own distinct advantages.  Altitude is a huge factor in the style of an aerial photograph.  Airplanes best serve the airspace that is above 1,000 feet.  The views produced from an airplane generally cover larger areas. but with modern cameras and lenses, detailed photos are also possible.  The helicopter is best used in the airspace between 400 feet and 1,000 feet.  Images tend to minimize background features and focus on the main subject.  Because of the slow and close nature of a helicopter, images can contain great detail and clarity.  The drone fills the gap between the surface and 400 feet above the ground.  Usually, very site-specific, drone photography captures the main subject almost exclusively.  The drone offers a great compliment to other forms of aerial photography and ground photography.  

The graphic below provides a visual representation and comparison of the airplane, helicopter, and drone.