Custom Aerial Photography

Professional custom aerial photography begins and ends with a firm understanding of what the client is trying to communicate. Choosing the right platform is an essential first step to a successful result.  With all of the views and angles that are possible in an aerial, it is quite easy to miss what is really needed or wanted. The proper selection of altitude and time of day can be critical for a satisfactory image. Knowing which weather conditions are going to enhance or detract from an image can only be learned thru experience. Understanding what nearby features might influence the message of the image are all important. Do you really want to trust your story to someone that is just trying to pay for gas to support their flying addiction? Professional aerial photography is a combination of the understanding that the story begins with the client vision and is filtered thru the eyes of a professional trained to bring your vision to reality. With both pilots and photographers specially trained and on staff to produce your vision, let us photograph your next custom job.