Stock Aerial Photography

Not every project has the luxury of time. Often an aerial photograph is needed when the sun has not shown for weeks. Poor weather conditions, and immediate demand help to make stock aerials a desirable alternative to a custom aerial flight. Stock aerials are usually shot during the bright sunny days of spring and fall when the conditions are perfect for aerials. Having an image that already exists can be a lifesaver for a project that has an immediate deadline. The Positive Image maintains one of the most extensive libraries of stock oblique aerial photography in the State of Texas dating back to the mid-1950’s. While most of the imagery is the greater Houston area, we do have imagery for many smaller towns in Texas.

Oblique Aerials

Each year, The Positive Image creates hundreds of new images to meet client needs with no guarantee that any will be purchased. While usually limited to areas of known commercial activity, stock photos can capture what is going on at a specific time in an area. Less site-specific that those aerials from a custom flight, the stock photo is excellent at showing location, competitive properties and a general overview of a market or sub-market. If you find yourself in need of an aerial image and can not wait for the proper conditions, you can search our library, or give us a call. We will help you find the perfect picture that you need.  You can also join our email newsletter, and we will notify you whenever we add new pictures to the library.  Click here to join!


Historical Aerials

The Positive Image, with its purchase of the Harper Leiper aerial photography collection, offers an extensive library of historical photographs of Houston from the past seventy years. These beautiful, black and white images provide a fascinating perspective on growth and development of the Houston area. This aerial photography serves as an excellent resource for studying development trends and land usage, providing an invaluable document of progress, and documenting environmental and developmental issues.  These historical photographs also make exciting wall decor! Many of our clients have found that a collection of photos showing the growth and development of a particular area makes an excellent conversation piece for the office. Let us help to find that perfect picture. All photography before 1988 is in black and white only.