Commercial Real Estate Photography

Great Architectural photography is more than a good camera and some lighting!! It requires special training and an eye for the natural design of a subject. For successful photography, the photographer must select the correct lens, understand the influences of the available lighting, select the correct angle, eliminate undesirable features, and accentuate positive features, all the while creating an aesthetically pleasing image. With digital imagery, a strong knowledge of post processing techniques is also essential. We know how to bring all of these elements together to produce the very best possible Positive Image!

Custom Aerial Photography

Professional custom aerial photography begins and ends with a strong understanding of what the client is trying to communicate. With all of the views and angles that are possible in an aerial, it is quite easy to miss what is really needed or wanted. The proper selection of altitude and time of day can be critical for a successful image. Knowing which weather conditions are going to enhance or detract from an image can only be learned thru experience. Understanding what near by features might influence the message of the image are all important. Do you really want to trust your story to someone that is just trying to pay for gas to support their flying addiction? Professional aerial photography is a combination of the understanding that the story begins with the client vision and is filtered thru the eyes of a professional trained to bring your vision to reality. With both pilots and photographers specially trained and on staff to produce your vision, let us photograph your next custom job.

Stock Aerial Photography

Not every project has the luxury of time. Often an aerial photograph is needed when the sun has not shown for weeks. Poor weather conditions, and immediate demand help to make stock oblique aerials a desirable alternative to a custom aerial flight. Stock aerials are usually shot during the bright sunny days of spring and fall when the conditions are perfect for aerials. Having an image “on the shelf” can be a lifesaver for a project that is under the “gun”. The Positive Image maintains one of the largest libraries of stock oblique aerial photography in the State of Texas dating back to the mid 1950’s. While most of the imagery is of the greater Houston area, we do have imagery for many smaller towns in Texas.

Each year, The Positive Image creates hundreds of additional new images to meet client needs with no guarentee that any will be pruchased. While usually limited to areas of known commercial activity, stock photos can capture what is going on at a specific time in an area. Generally less site specific that those aerials from a custom flight, the stock photo is great at showing location, competitive properties and a general overview of a market or sub-market. If you find yourself in need of an aerial image and can not wait for the proper conditions, give us a call. We will search our library for the perfect image that you need.

Historical Aerial Photography

The Positive Image, with its purchase of the Harper Leiper aerial photography collection, offers an extensive library of historic photographs of Houston from the past seventy years. These beautiful, black and white images offer a fascinating perspective on growth and development of the Houston area. This aerial photography serves as a great resource for studying development trends and land usage, providing an invaluable document of progress. All photography prior to 1988 is in black and white only. Not only useful for research of environmental and developmental issues, these historical photographs make very interesting wall decor! Many of our clients have found that a collection of photos showing the growth and development in a certain area makes an excellent conversation piece for the office.

Vertical Aerial Photography

The vertical aerial is taken looking straight down from the aircraft. It is planimetric in view and usually offers information in two dimensions only. Altitude is the determining factor in the area to be covered in an image. Verticals can be shot from low flying aircraft for very site specific images or from thousands of feet to cover large areas. Additionally multiple images can be “stitched” together to cover even larger areas. Verticals are great to show property outlines and traffic grids and can be used for engineering or design purposes to take scaled measurements on the ground.

Computer Graphics

  • Computer Graphics

Using the latest technologies in computer aided design and geographic information systems, The Positive Image offers a complete line of graphic services to support the Real Estate industry. Site Plans, Floor Plans, Location Maps, Custom Tab Design, Composite Pages and Photo Annotation are just a few of the products we offer. If you need a photo scanned, or enhanced to improve the view, we can do that too!

  • Custom Maps

The Positive Image can produce specialty maps for any location in the U.S.. These maps are ideal for real estate marketing or to indicate facility locations. Maps can be customized with various levels of detail or special graphics (such as company logos) as required by the client.

  • Brochures

The Positive Image offers a complete line of printed brochures for your needs. From low cost flyers to multi-page glossy reports, we can provide a cost-effective turn-key service from the initial design to the printing of the final product. Using sophisticated publishing software, we are able to provide a great variety of options for initial design and layout. We have an extensive library of stock graphics, including maps and logos, in addition to a wide selection of fonts to make each finished brochure a distinctive product.

  • Print Shop Services

Our experienced photographers create high quality images, and our in-house digital lab ensures the highest possible color fidelity. Our stock library of aerial photography is available as an additional source.

We can provide a variety of printing options including black & white, short run color laser printing, high quality inkjet printing, and four color process printing. Sizes range from 3.5″x5″ to 40″x60″. We also provide additional services such as die cutting, embossing, foil stamping, custom tabs, and a variety of bindery services. By maintaining total control over the production of brochures and manuscripts, we can insure that our customers get the best possible quality product for their dollar.

A representative is available to show you samples of our work, discuss your requirements and provide you with a quotation.